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We take personal pride in developing and maintaining our client websites!
These are the 11 primary design steps we use to develop a good website:
  • Select and register a domain name that is both unique and is interpreted favorably by the web crawlers to help optomise the website.
  • Select a competitive web host and secure server access.
  • Conduct a business interview with client so that the Wizard understands the owner's product's, target market, business preferences, any external software the website must be integrated with the website (i.e. webstore elements, visitor counters) and all non-website marketing programs currently used by the client.
  • Define main pages and rough content for each.
  • Develop the index (or home) page, defining the Navigation bar, logo (if any) and header to be used on all other pages; create the remaining main pages.
  • Create or acquire all graphics, music or special content for website.
  • Refine each page with text, images, downloads and special effects.
  • Execute Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steps.
  • Publish website to the Internet.
  • Archive locally the entire website as backup security.
  • Monitor the success of SEO steps, modifying if needed.
About Us will give you more details on how we conduct our business. Or contact us by EMail us at: The Wizard of AHS or call 505-892-8538.

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