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Our Terms and Conditions of Engagement:

Our prices are reasonable!
  • We charge $12 per hour US, and ONLY when we are working for you.
  • You will be billed monthly. Because we are a very small company, we value clients who pay us quickly upon receiving our invoice, so that we can spend our time being creative, instead of administrative!
  • Our fee covers all taxes and employee costs. You are responsible for none of these items.
  • We do not charge a client for our "learning curve" needed to engage a new technology. We only charge when we apply our knowlege to your site.
We value and respect our clients!
  • We believe we need to understand our clients' businesses to be effective in creating or maintaining the client's website, and we do a lot of non-chargable discussions to make this happen.
  • We answer emails and telephone calls as fast as we can.
  • We resolve technical website issues personnally and quickly.
  • We respect our clients' deadlines, and do everything we can to meet our part of the client schedule.
  • We back up all of our webpages whenever changes occur along with all the pieces that contribute to their success locally, and maintain technical support services from a client's web host.
  • We are quite willing to provide our client's with CDs of all their material at the termination of any Wizard of AHS service.
We hope our clients respect us as well!
  • We reserve the right to not take on a client who does not accept our Terms and Conditions of Engagement stated above.

About Us will give you more details on how we conduct our business. Or contact us by EMail us at: The Wizard of AHS or call 505-892-8538.

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