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Does your small company need a new website to compete in today's high tech world? Your world?
Want the website to look professional, but your budget is limited? We asre affordable. We work only when you need us to work. And we specialize in saving you money wherever possible.
Need help selecting a marketable domain name and securing hosting services?
Need to be placed well on the Internet search engines? We make Search Engine Optomization (SEO) a norm in designing your site.
The Wizard of AHS specializes in meeting your small business needs!
We make it a point to get to know our client and understand your businesses before we design anything. We involve you in the creative process at every step of the way through personal interviews, by telephone and emal, and by using our Design Lab.
Need a Web Wizard? See what we have to offer.


Do you have a website that needs updated, but you've lost your webmaster?
Is your company too small to hire someone for the job?
The Wizard of AHS works by the hour, and works only the hours that you need website support.
  • Search Engine Optimization to get your website better visibility on the search engines
  • Graphic editing in Adobe Photoshop
  • New images, text and pages when you need them
  • Slide shows, streaming video and sound
  • All the whistles and bells...
Need your very own Site Maintenance Wizard? See what we have to offer.


$3 per gallon for gas got you down?
Can't get to the Wizard's workshop, but want to see your website as it is being developed before it is published? No problem!
Visit our Design Lab to view your new website while it is being designed. Only you can see your developing website by using your own password. The Wizard has cloaked your pages from all "prying eyes."
We work in CYBERSPACE!!!
About Us will give you more details on how we conduct our business. Or contact us by EMail us at: The Wizard of AHS or call 505-892-8538.

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